…after moving to a new home, you’ve organized all your gaming books, notes, and miniatures, but your dishes are still packed!

I mean–priorities, right?

You can’t let those classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e boxed sets sit in a box.

Or your Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG collection sit in storage while you organize the kitchen.

And your dice bag? Don’t get me started!

Maybe I did eat off Styrofoam plates for a day or two in my new home. It was worth it. My “home” didn’t feel like a “home” until all my gaming stuff had been put away properly.

The same held true with all my history and fiction books.

Now the kitchen is getting arranged. I found the plates.

The move didn’t prove too difficult, just time-consuming.

I’ve been thinking about doing a series on “How to move your gaming collection,” since I’ve done it so often now.

A quick Google search shows some advice on “storing” your collection, but not moving it. Maybe there needs to be some more advice about that, too.

I’ve seen many gamers be dastardly to their collections: RPG books piled in milk crates, shoved under beds willy-nilly; painted miniatures dumped in box, or left to rattle around in pencil cases. The memory of these makes me wince inside.

I guess you know you’re a real tabletop gamer when you obsess about such things…