A couple Sundays back I fielded some of my “D&D Adventurers” and dark figures alongside a friend’s Estalian mercenaries to go loot a dwarven mine.

We faced some incredibly stiff resistance and ended up losing half our forced, but not before bring down a few units of dwarves as well.

The initial set up.
The brave Estalian mercenaries. Most of them would die on the field…
Nyrondese woodsmen led by Vella the Sorceress.
The goal: seize the mine (the hill in the background). It was so close yet so far.
The dwarves soon fortified their mine with undead dinosaur monsters and dwarves with lots of crossbows.
The last charge.

The undead dinosaurs swept the remaining humans from the field.

The humans did get their licks in, bringing down a cyclops and a few bellicose dwarven foot.

In the end, the referee admitted his mistake. The mine, perhaps, should have been more in the center of the table. The dwarves had no incentive to come forward.

Yet it provided a challenge.

And there will always be another game.