As of this writing, my lawn needs mowed. My girlfriend just told me we need more powdered sugar and our general baking supplies are low. We’ll have to go grocery shopping either this evening or tomorrow. She need to bake a birthday cake for a friend of ours.

The skies are gray. It might rain, which means I might procrastinate mowing my lawn.

Last night I finished watching the second season of The Last Kingdom on Netflix. It’s based on the Saxon Tales by Bernard Cornwell. I’ve read the first three books in the series, and plan on finishing the rest. I recommend them if you like historical military fiction.

I also read Anne Rice’s Lasher, the sequel to The Witching Hour. It wasn’t as good. With Rice, it seems, before the plot moves forward you have to know a ton of backstory, usually in the form of a journal or a character talking for 50 pages. The second half of the book improved as the plot reached its conclusion, but right before the protagonists confronted the villain (Lasher), the action stopped as we got learn about the villain’s backstory. I suspect this was a delaying action by the villain, to think of means to escape, but still…


RPG-a-Day has started this month “to celebrate everything cool, memorable, and amazing about our hobby.” On my feed a blogger wants to talk about the nature of hit points.  I recently participated in a discussion on alignment in D&D 5e.

I’ve become jaded.

I believe many gamers are so self-absorbed with the hobby they’re missing out on other opportunities which are “cool, memorable, and amazing,” more so than the average experience I’ve had at the tabletop as of late.

Like driving to Quasqueton, Iowa, to on a lark see to the Frank Lloyd Wright House late last fall. I was already in the area visiting relatives, so why not?

Though Cedar Rock was closed for the season, there was other stuff to see, back roads of Iowa to travel on.

I had different post planned for this series of pictures, some kind of satirical DCC RPG adventure summary where some 0-level characters go up the Wapsipinicon River to find Quasqueton, only to discover the town instead of the dungeon from the module In Search of the Unknown.

That famous room full of mystical and magic pools can’t compare to this scene:



What interesting non-gaming stuff have you done lately?

What would you like to do?