Arguments do not work, for assumptions have already been made.

Posts on Facebook does not work, though you’ll discover who your friends are.

Declarations on Twitter do not work, for the other side can tweet back louder. Sad.

Internet memes do not work, save to re-enforce dogma and established (mis)conceptions.

Protests do not work, for they merely raise awareness and may make yourself a target.

Boycotts do not work, as the company will shift its market.

Voting does not work, unless you’re willing to vote with your dollars or feet.

Education and debates do not work, unless as all participants are willing to listen.

Science does not work, unless the practitioner knows its a process and not a belief.

There is a will to power, and a will to serve.

There are Ages of Enlightenment and Ages of Endarkenment, and they often happen at the same time.

There are liberals and conservatives, left and right, though they sit where they please and grow angry if anybody asks for their seat.

Those blinded by the sun during the day cannot see the Owl of Minerva at dusk.

And your 2 cents cannot make another pay.