So I visited EN World and saw the above message.

EN World has always been strict against political and religious discussion on its boards. If folks like Morrus and the rest of the moderators didn’t put a cap on it, it’d quickly become an unfriendly place.

I stopped posting on EN World about 5-6 years ago. While I was never a regular, EN World was still a great place to get the latest gaming news and occasionally chat with some like-minded gamers.

The Edition Wars soured my taste for the site. Sometimes what happened was amusing, but most of it was not worth the bother to read. The moderators would snuff out any thread if they caught a whiff of what could be construed as an Edition War. Constant violators faced the banhammer.

I can only imagine, with the current political situation, what’s going on now that would warrant such a warning.

At least with the Edition Wars gamers were arguing about gaming.