What do you do next? Where do you go? And how do you handle the anger and sadness you feel? And that sense of relief followed by a twinge of guilt.

On September 1 (tomorrow) the The Word of Stelios is becoming my author platform. All the previous blog posts will stay, nothing’s coming down. You can still read The Art of Wargaming and all the rest.

You’ll still see some gaming-related content. It’s not like I can quit cold turkey and stop talking about it.

It’s like the Anthropology and Religious Studies Professor I once met. He’d been studying the Bible for so long that when he became an Atheist he couldn’t just quit studying interpreting scripture.  What could I do? he said, sell appliances?

Maybe that’s an extreme analogy. Or maybe not.

For the better part of my life I’ve committed a significant amount of head space to tabletop gaming, and somewhere along the way I hit a point of diminishing returns. This discontent began at least five years ago, since before I started d20 Dark Ages, and its only grown.

So while I may continue playing tabletop games at some point, you won’t see much of that here. Also, if you’re still passionate about wargaming and roleplaying, you might not like what you read. Some sacred cows may get slaughtered so I can move on.

Any projects in the works will at some point, be completed, like How to Finish a Campaign (Finally) with Dr. Karla H. Marks will be done by mid-September. I’d like to turn The Art of Wargaming into a book, but we’ll see how things go. It needs major editing for this to happen.

So that is that.

Thank you for reading.