Since I’m not doing Mini Monday anymore, my friend Mike at Mikeopolis has picked up the series. The topic this week is the Forgotten Legions, how certain sets of rules bring armies out of storage.

Games like Dragon Rampant, Kings of War, and the like have been a blessing for me.

Since I don’t play so-called mainstream games like Warhammer, for the longest time my Hundred Years’ War miniatures rarely saw the tabletop. Mike is one of those Grand Masters of wargaming who has at least a dozen complete armies, and lots more in the works. He always trying different rule systems. He doesn’t like playing the same thing repeatedly.

His terrain and miniatures have graced many of the photos found in The Art of Wargaming and Mini Monday series.

He’s been a catalyst for our local group of wargamers, getting others to at least try something different, whether its historical or fantasy.

In many ways, he’s the reason I didn’t quit wargaming 5 years ago.

When you move to a new area, it can be really hard finding new players. But I met Mike early on, and he was friendly enough to invite me into his games. And it turns out we share a similar philosophy when it comes to gaming:

No unpainted miniatures at the tabletop. You don’t have to paint them well, just get them painted. 

Thanks for everything, Mike. And thanks for picking up the torch.