The hiatus from gaming has been good. I’ve been working on other projects, taking care of real world stuff. Pondering the cosmos, etc.

That ended last week when I finally got to playnot runDungeon Crawl Classics RPG. 

The group came together in a round-a-bout via groups on Facebook. One thing led to another and we sat down to play through Sailors of the Starless Sea, a classic 0-level adventure. All our initial characters died….

And so did our replacement characters.

It didn’t help we only had three players, four characters a piece. You need at least 4-5 players if you want to pad your chances that some of the characters might make it to end.  I learned this from running previous 0-level funnels.

And, it turns out, as the GM explained afterward, we’d missed some key elements which would have made the adventure a bit less of a meatgrinder.

But it was so much fun.

The GM showed some leniency and let us resurrect two of our original characters. Which is fine, because I’d grown kind of attached my little halfling gypsy named Rom. I’ve never liked halflings before, but the designers of DCC RPG turned them into something else besides the best race to play a rogue or a thief, some special than what’s offered in standard D&D.

My other character is Nestor, a wheat farmer, who’ll become a wizard. It doesn’t quite make sense for that to happen, but maybe he’d always had mystical powers within his grasp. He also has a Intelligence of 13 and a Luck 16. I don’t think I’ve ever played a wizard with such low intelligence, but that’s how the dice rolled. That high Luck will come in handy when my spells misfire…

I won’t grow too attached to either character. I’ll try not to, anyway, given the DCC RPG’s lethality.

So yeah, I’m back gaming again. I needed that break to plan what’s to come next. More on this later.

We’ve got another session tentatively schedule for this coming Sunday.