…and showed at least a 100 players how to play. And that’s why you should play in my games.

I shake my head at some of the things in the OSR blogosphere these days.

Long story short: Wizards of the Coast has the Adventurers League. Adventurers League DMs (and other DMs) often site years of DMing experience as a qualification as to why they’re a competent DM. Players gauge this to see if they have a reasonable chance of having a good time in their games.

Now somebody has mentioned there should be an accreditation process for DMs. And DMs should mention the number of players they’ve introduced to the hobby and the number DMs they’ve trained as proof of their competence.

In a pay-to-play situation, this makes a little sense.

Yet Adventurers League DMs run their games for free. The vast majority of the DMs out there run their games for free. Back in my college days, I told my players I DM for food by that’s the limit of how much I’ve charged.


Because this is a hobby! Part-time fun!

If you enjoy a DM’s game, you continue playing with that DM. If you don’t, you find something else to do.

If you don’t like the Adventurers League, don’t play in it.

The end.