Last weekend I took my girlfriend to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters. It was our first time seeing it. (Yeah, we finally caught up with the Joneses)

While the movie wasn’t as bad as the prequels, it made me question why I even bother buying movie tickets anymore when I can watch shows with better plots, protagonists, and villains on Netflix.

It boils down to this:

Why is the First Order such a threat if they’re that incompetent? How the heck did they take over the galaxy and weren’t stopped sooner?

See, we couldn’t get over some of the glaring holes the plot and the logic of certain sequences which featured the First Order. My girlfriend said that at times the movie seemed like a farce.

And it started with the opening scene…

Oh no! Po Dameron was just stalling for time by making that prank transmission.

Oh no! We should have had a tighter defenses against Starfighters on our Dreadnaught class Star Destroyer–because that’s how the first Death Star and Starkiller Base blew up! Too late!

Oh no! Somehow gravity works above our capital ship allowing those bombs to drop right on the ship’s weak point.

Oh no! We can’t figure out how to send assistance to one of our capital ships in trouble! Or maybe we’ll let them die for being weak!

And the farce continued.

Hey, we figured out how to track rebel ships in hyperspace, but, oh no!, we can’t catch up and destroy the fleeing rebel ships, nor do we have the sense to swarm the fleet with Tie-Fighters and Bombers. Nor did anybody suggest taking one-or-two capital ships to make a small hyperspace jump and attack from the other direction…

Oh no! I, Supreme Leader Snoke never suspected Kylo Ren’s treachery!

(What the hell? Really? It wasn’t like he was distracted frying Rey with Force Lightning).

And near the end…

Oh no! We’ve forgotten how to do orbital bombardments of rebel bases though that’s how we destroyed the first base which started this cat-and-mouse game.

The Empire had its moments when its leaders succumbed to hubris, but you got the impression of at least a modicum of competence (sans the Stormtrooper blaster fire going everywhere and getting beat by Ewoks…)



Why didn’t the producers/director(s)/writers/Disney make a trilogy with the destruction of Starkiller Base as the prime objective of the Rebels/Republic to destroy?

That’s no planet, it’s a space station!

Thus, the scriptwriters wouldn’t have to invent new and outlandish super weapons for each move which will ultimately get destroy and make the First Order looking like Spaceballs…

End rant.