What are they? 

The Historical Reference series came during the AD&D 2nd Edition era. They show game masters how to run historically-based campaigns. Six of them were published. I owned Charlemagne’s Paladins, The Vikings, and A Mighty Fortress.

Why did I buy them? 

The Vikings and Charlemagne’s Paladins seemed to offer ideas for a low-magic campaign setting. I used some of these ideas in my games, like the goblins and trolls of Norse myth to add some variety.

Both books provide lots of material for a game master who wants to run a solid Dark Age campaign.

I bought A Might Fortress more on a lark, though the rules for firearms looked workable. Never used them. But I recall plenty of advice on how to run an adventure in the Early Modern Period (1500-1700).

AD&D 2nd Edition was a great system for historically-based campaigns. Just keep in mind that these books aren’t history books. You’ll have to do further research of you want to go beyond the historical events adapted for game play here.

Why did I sell them?

These three guides avoided The Used Book Store Pile of the mid-2000s, and later made it to the Atlanta, Georgia, area in 2012.

I didn’t want to sell these books. I liked to peruse them from time-to-time. And yet it’d been a long time since I used any of the material, let alone played AD&D 2nd Edition.

When money became tight in 2013, I sold them on Ebay.