So last Sunday I’m playing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, when my wizard, Nestor, tries to cast Charm Person on our dwarf to counter a dweomer which made him think some weird spiders in the next room were his friends. The spiders could can spells, and I was trying to override their magic with my own.

My Charm Person succeeds (I rolled high enough on my spell check), but it wasn’t powerful enough to counter the spider-magic.

Suddenly, 4 mirror images of myself appear, because that’s what happens whenever I cast Charm Person. Mercurial Magic and all that.

So I then ensorcell myself with a Magic Shield and led the charge against the evil spider-creatures.

Yet the halfling’s hex doll turned to gold, and the warrior’s sword turned to lead.

Because that’s what happens when I cast Magic Shield…



This is how magic should be: mysterious and at times unpredictable.

And that’s how it is in DCC RPG.