With almost perfect timing on what I wrote about yesterday, these treasures arrived later that afternoon.

I’ve been in love with Flannery O’Connor’s stories since I first read A Good Man is Hard to Find in a high school literature class. Back then I didn’t know what good literature was, or at least I didn’t appreciate it, even if it found me stranded alongside the road and shot me in the heart three times. Too much fantasy and science-fiction, with a dash of horror, because that’s what gamer nerds are supposed to read. But I liked O’Connor, and grown more enamored with her work as I’ve aged.

Now I have her collected works.

Of course, I had to balance O’Connor with Philip K. Dick because, being a nerd, I’m supposed to have read Philip K. Dick. But I never did. I started reading The Man in the High Castle at book store sometime ago, but never bought it. I was hooked by the alternate history, so I look forward to finishing it.

The real treasure here is The Story Grid, by Shawn Coyne. If you’re a fiction writer or looking to write fiction, you should read this. And then go to storygrid.com for more.

I already own the Kindle version of this book, but I do better studying non-fiction when I have a physical copy in my hands to mark up. I was expecting something smaller. This resembles a workbook or textbook. Which is fine, as one of the book’s main points is that hard work beats talent. Writing fiction doesn’t have to be a mystical process.

So that’s what I’ll be reading soon.

What’s on your reading list?