I never thought I’d do another Mini Monday. Then again, I never thought I’d make a piece of wargame terrain I didn’t want to toss in the trash.

But here we are.

I carved out four basic hills from 1 inch thick insulation polystyrene, primed them black, then two shades of brown–burnt umber and milk chocolate–before flocking them. The hill in the pictures is an example.

These finally replaced other hills I had made some years ago. Those old hills were too goblin green for my taste. I never quite liked them, so I got rid of them before a move.

The more earthy look is better in my opinion. Also, when the flock starts to wear off, I won’t have an ugly bright green spot peaking through.

The Cairn is based on an old design found in How to Make Wargames Terrain, by the famous Nigel Stillman. I followed the instructions, but I didn’t want simply a pile of grey rocks. I wanted something that might hint at a story or a mystery.

If the land around only has brown stones, then were did the large grey stone come from?

Is it burial site? A marker pointing the way to adventure?

The Elf from Warhammer Quest is there for scale. I painted him in 2016.

Creating those hills and cairn was fun, probably the most fun I had painting anything in about a year. In fact, the 3-4 hours I spent building and painting it were quite enjoyable. I might create more terrain before getting back to steadily painting my regular pile of lead and plastic.

I wonder if like building neat terrain more than I like painting miniatures. It certainly goes a little faster and you don’t have to worry so much about the tiny details.

Speaking of neat terrain: have you seen this scratch-built fortified church at Skarloc’s?