What are they and why did I buy them?

Season 11 of The X-Files is coming to its finale this evening. I’ve enjoyed most of the 10 episodes, and its nice seeing Mulder and Scully together again, and they’ve played upon the current political climate.

It takes me back to the show’s original run and White Wolf’s World of Darkness RPG line: Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and so on. While I soon discovered I had little to no inclination to play a vampire or a werewolf, I would have liked to have played an FBI Agent tracking down werewolves, Vvampires, and the occasional UFO. That sounds like a lot fun.

I picked up The Hunter’s Hunted at gaming store in 1997 or 1998. It turns out it was published in 1992, so the information was a bit dated. That is, back then White Wolf had only produced Vampire: The Masquerade, first edition. So some of the content didn’t make sense (a werewolf with vampire powers?). Otherwise, I don’t remember that much about it.

Here’s how you create vampire hunters. Chances are they’re going to die. The end.

Project Twilight is by far the superior product. It was, in essence, The X-Files set in the World of Darkness. But instead of having two agents hunt down the supernatural, there’s The FBI: Special Affairs Department (or SAD). SAD FBI Agents seem to know about werewolves, but even less about vampires and other supernatural creatures.

Project Twilight did had is share of  supernatural and mundane government conspiracies.The downside to this: I can see the game becoming off-the-wall pretty quick (like the latest funny episode of The X-Files: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat).  I distinctly remember a flow chart (Ben Schinolbin’s Guide? or something like that) which traces all these connections between mortal and supernatural groups.

There was also a scenario which took place in Gary, Indiana. I think. Somebody was kidnapped by werewolves, which would make sense because Project Twilight has dead werewolf on the cover. Or was it vampires? If that’s the case, it could have been in The Hunters Hunted.

It’s been a long time, and I could be experiencing the Mandela Effect or a previous experience in parallel universe.

Characters in Project Twilight could get special powers. I do remember Psychometry, the ability to pick up objects and gain insights to past events, and thought: That’s cool, maybe a character with this ability could be a profiler like Frank Black in the show Millennium, which was darker version of X-Files dealing with serial killers and religious conspiracies.

Indeed, I wanted to run a campaign which like a cross between The X-Files and Millennium. I’d have avoided the monster of the week which often happened in The X-Files and would be too easy to do in Project Twilight (last week you fought vampires, this week your ghost hunting).

In sum, The World of Darkness setting had tapped into the zeitgeist of the late 1990s/early 2000s, and it would have been fun to explore using mortal character against the supernatural.

Why did I sell it?

I never got around to running it. There was always another game, another campaign. D&D Third Edition soon came out and almost everybody was playing that. The Hunters Hunted and Project Twilight were such niche products it was hard to find players for them. Those who were playing in The World of Darkness were diehard Vampire or Werewolf LARPers.

And so I put both of them on The Used Book Store Pile.