We were at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in The Village of Hommlet.

ZOMBIE HOLE! The thief shouted.

ZOMBIE HOLE! The barbarian, fighter, the dwarf, the cleric repeated in near unison. They all laughed. The stoic Cavalier/Paladin from AD&D’s Unearthed Arcana turned up his nose. The magic-user had already gone to upstairs to check on his room. The barbarian, who seemed to have forgotten he wasn’t supposed to associate with magic-users, slammed his fist on the table and demanded another drink.

ZOMBIE HOLE! Thief shouted again.

A voice came from on high: Are you really saying ZOMBIE HOLE in the tavern? Remember, what you say your character does.

I, the lone half-elf fighter/magic-user/thief, sensing some impending calamity, paid for his drink and slipped away to explore the village.

Somebody shouted ZOMBIE HOLE again as I left. I had no idea what they spoke of, a humorous encounter on a previous adventure, perhaps? But we’d all started together in the same adventure.

When I returned the town guard had surrounded the Inn. I waited, keeping my distance.

I soon learned what’d I’d suspected before I left: the innkeeper didn’t like a table full of adventurers yelling ZOMBIE HOLE over and over again. It scared the other patrons. So he called the town guard.

Our stoic cavalier had given an oath to the leaders of the town watch that our group would no longer cause problems. And so the town guard went on their way.

Then, once I had rejoined the group, they turned their attentions to me.

And where did you go? Said the thief. The others wanted to know the same thing. Why weren’t you there to help when the town guard showed up? 

Investigating. I lowered my voice. There is, indeed, a ruined Moathouse nearby. An outpost of sorts. I fear there are spies in town who might be connected to the place. We must keep a low profile. But I see its already too late.

In the early morning we set off to the ruins of the Moathouse and possibilities of treasure within. As we passed the outlying peasant’s cottages of Hommlet, the thief opened his mouth:


ZOMBIE HOLE! The barbarian, the fighter, the dwarf, the cleric repeated. They all laughed.

The cavalier, wizard, and I sighed.

A voice from on high said: You get the feeling you’re being watched…