What is it and why did I buy it?

The D&D Adventure Game, Diablo II Edition was one of those teaser products released just prior to D&D Third Edition. I wanted to know more about the game before invested in the three core books later that summer and fall.

What I got didn’t really resemble D&D 3e, save for the basic d20 mechanics. There was nothing about character creation as I recall. You got five character sheets, detailing a class from the computer game and that was that.

I shouldn’t complain, it did come with a set of dice, some dungeon tiles, so maybe I’d gotten my money’s worth. I wasn’t expecting a fully developed RPG system, but I wanted… more.

My impression: it was a cheap product Wizards of the Coast could produce to get people excited about D&D 3rd Edition. For example:

Picture from Boardgame Geek

Why did they choose silhouettes for the monster tokens? Couldn’t they have used black and white art? If I remember correctly, the hero tokens where very similar.

The game did come with dungeon tiles, which saw use periodically over the years. So I guess I did my money’s worth. Though my only quibble is those red sigils where monsters are supposed to spawn. Oh well… the tiles did survive when I purged the rest of the game…


Why did I throw the most it of it way?

As I remember, the box got crushed in a move. I threw the box, the booklets, and the tokens away after that. I didn’t see any value in keeping them in crushed container. Of course, I kept dice. I stored the tiles in the D&D Adventure Game before I threw out that box out, as well. The Adventure Game box was too big to fit on my shelf.

But I kept the contents. More on that in future post.