What is it? 

If you want to know all about this module, I suggest perusing this old thread on EN World. It’s supposed to be part of the World of Greyhawk but the serial numbers had been filed off because Necromancer Games and Robert Kuntz didn’t have permission to use the World of Greyhawk.

Why did I buy it? 

Impulse. Pure impulse. This was the Heady days of D&D 3rd Edition, and I could not resist the lure of a Necromancer Games product. And the author was Robert J. Kuntz, and he seemed important for some reason. The module screamed BUY ME, and so I did.

Why did I sell it? 

I’m not saying it was a bad module, I’m typing it was a bad module, an old school railroad where four pregenerated characters end up in dungeon created by a wacky wizard named Zayene, and there’s nowhere to go but forward.

And it was the first money grab–er… module–of five: The Maze of Zayene series.

Five modules. Come’on.

There can be only one Rappan Athuk, and I’d already bought those three modules and ran my players through part of it.

Thankfully I paid only around $12 for it.

It later padded my Used Book Store Pile.