What is it and why did I buy it?

Of all the supplement books I purchased during The Heady Days of D&D Third Edition, this was one of my favorites. As a Game Master, I used Toolbox a lot. It gave you all these random tables reminiscent of those found in the back of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide or those old Judge’s Guild Ready Reference Sheets. 

The pregenerated NPC alone were worth the price of this book. When preparing adventures for D&D 3e, a game master could waste time generating stat-blocks for monsters and NPCs, which killed creativity (mine anyway).

Why did I sell it?

It was a tough sell. I held on to it, despite D&D 3.5e. making many of the stat-blocks obsolete. But eventually it had to end up on the Used Book Store Pile for grocery money or something like that.

If I ever see it again, I might buy it… or I might not.

Ultimate Toolbox, its successor, turned out to be a superior product, and I still own it.