I wish I had the lawn mower in the picture above, but I don’t.

I also wish my front lawn was nice and level, but it isn’t.

My lumpy front lawn is on a hill and I use a Reel Mower to cut the grass. Fortunately, my front lawn isn’t that big. It only takes 20 minutes to mow, but I have to do it at a weird angle that’s kind of hard on the posture and legs.

On Monday, after I mowed, I decided to do something extra and use my new weed eater for edging along the front yard and clear some weeds out of the backyard. My weed eater weights about 5.1 pounds, according to the box.

I weeded and edged until the weed eater’s battery ran out (it’s a cordless). Although I contemplated plugging in the extra battery and continuing on, I realized my hit points were low, felt fatigued, and so I called it quits. I’m not a fighter so I don’t get Second Wind.

Worse, although I wore a dust mask, some of the pollen from the ragweed I cut down must of have gotten into my sinuses so I took a -1 to all my actions from a mild headache until I rested.

Well, I had other stuff to do, so I found a bottle of Alkalol to rinse out my sinuses.

I mixed a little bit of Alkalol with some warm water and sprayed it up my nose. But the water was too warm, and I was stunned for 1d4 rounds and took another hit point of damage as the stinging washed through my nasal cavities and down the back of my throat.

As of this writing, the muscles in my arms, leg, and back hurt. There’s a spot in my mid-back that hurts more than elsewhere from (probably) mowing at that odd angle and carrying around that weed-eater. Some generic Tylenol has helped with the pain.

My sinuses are clear.

On Tuesday, I took it easy. I know I’ve gained some hit points back from food and rest. But I don’t feel like I’m at full health yet, and I don’t know any clerics or paladins, so I’ll have to wait another day or two.

Is this how adventurers feel after fighting some goblins?

Is my Reel Mower imbued with powers of enervation?

Or am I simply out of shape?