What are they?

About twelve years ago I attended Trekfest in Riverside, Iowa, saw the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, and bought these three modules at a memorabilia shop/used book store on First Street for about $20.

Why did I buy them?

Otherspace and Otherspace II feature the alien, insectoid-like race called the Charon, who live in alternate dimension and follow a deathcult. I’d first read about them in one of the many Galaxy Guides West End Games published in the 1990s. Cool, now I’d know more about their origins and history in case I ever run a Star Wars d6 game again.

Otherspace has the player-characters pulled into Otherspace. Otherspace II features a Charon invasion of an alliance safeworld.

I don’t remember much about Black Ice. The rebels had to defend, capture or destroy a massive Imperial cargo ship, I think?

They were classic modules from the late 1980s, and they came with player handouts and props and the like. I enjoyed reading them.

Why did I sell them?

I had no particular attachment to these adventures. Yes, they were nice. Yes, I would have liked to have run each of them someday. But someday would never come.

Like so much of my RPG collection, they ended up on Ebay in 2013. I sold them for more than I purchased them.

Around that time I did participate in a short-lived Star Wars d6 campaign before the game master moved away. Playing is different from GMing.

To end on a more positive note: Trekfest was fun. If you’re ever in Iowa around the end of June, consider stopping by Riverside. You’ll get to see a huge replica of the Enterprise. There are lots of people in costume walking around. Star Wars and Star Trek will mingle, somewhat, so if you’re purist you might not like that.

Finding the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk: 

Follow West First Street into the downtown area. Look for the little yellow house between the brick storefronts on the north side of the street. There’s a little alley off to the right. Go down that alley and you’ll see the stone marker.