Everything about it is so shiny I couldn’t get a decent quick picture of it. The cover is shiny. The pages are shiny. Much of the artwork has its own innate shininess.

First Impressions
Do I really want to learn this game?
No…really…do I really want to learn this game?
Do I have time to play it?
Do I want to play it?
Will I show up at a D&D 5e game and be that guy who hasn’t invested any other supplements and thus can only create a basic character?
I doubt I’m part of the target audience for this game…

Second Impressions
This printing includes corrections. Good.
*Sigh.* Forgotten Realms.
Dwarves are still stereotyped. But humans have become multicultural.
*Sigh* Drizzt…
Do all halflings and gnomes have big heads?
If I ever run, Dragonborn are banned.
Tiefings were a lot cooler in Planescape, especially in the Planewalkers Handbook.
Twelve Classes. Wow.
And most of them are spell casters.
Even the martial classes can become spellcasters (example: Eldritch Knight)
If I ever run, Wild Magic is banned.
Must I use background traits, merits, and flaws to create my character?
Hey, a shield gives +2 to AC. Well done.
Yep, if I ever run, multiclassing is banned.
I like what they did with feats.
Yay, miniatures are optional again.
The chapters with the rules for playing the game are fairly short; that’s a bonus.
I’m not sure what to think about the Instant Death rule and Death Saving Throws.
I’ll look through the sections on Magic later…

I can’t give a final verdict until I’ve played a time or two with a friendly group of players.

And if I sound like a grumbling grognard, well…

…all I can says is I’ve seen new editions come and ago, and the last time I invested in the latest edition of D&D I was sorely disappointed and before that I ended up frustrated and wanting to play almost anything besides mainstream D&D.