According to my calculations, as of this writing, I have 619 unpainted miniatures, all 28mm. One of the bad tabletop gamer habits (addiction?) I need to kick is to quit purchasing miniatures when I haven’t finished my current projects.

The goal: the miniatures must be painted (or sold) by June 1, 2019. If I paint around 50 miniatures a month (6 x 12 month = 600) this might be possible.

295 of these are fantasy figures: lots of Reaper miniatures, assorted plastic miniatures from various board games, and other miscellaneous figures I’ve picked up over the years.

324 are historical figures. Most of these are Hundred Years’ War.  132 are English Civil War. 55 are Ancient Celts.

If you are unfamiliar with the miniature painting hobby, you might think I have a problem. But I know and have known people with thousands of unpainted figures stashed away in their homes.

A few years back, I heard of an old wargamer who passed away leaving around 20,000 unpainted miniatures in his basement. He named one person to be the executor of the rest his estate, and other to be in charge of dealing with his miniature collection.

I only have 616 unpainted miniatures.

And I don’t know if I want to paint them all.

That’s why there’s a question mark after Painting Challenge.

I enjoy painting miniatures, but I have other stuff to do, fiction to write, a life to live, and so on.

Yet I long for the day when I can paint one project at a time without having all those other miniatures on my mind.

Collecting miniatures can be addicting, expensive in both money and time.

If you decide to take up miniatures for any kind of tabletop gaming, plan your purchasing wisely and frugally.

Don’t buy any miniature you might use someday, instead, have a concrete plan to use them in the near future. 

If you know you’ll see the miniatures on the tabletop in the short term, it’ll give you the impetus to get them painted.

More on this, and updates as to my progress, in the near future.

First step–and some of the veteran miniature collectors will have at this–is to quit buying more miniatures!