It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at an RPG product and said:

Yes, this is needed! I can use this! 

I picked up the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules & Two Adventures at Joe’s Garage a couple of weeks back while playing DCC RPG there. Everybody in the group bought a copy, and we used it, too. Instead of flipping through the main rulebook, it was nice to have the basic combat tables and charts within easy reference.

For newbies, this is a great way to introduce them to DCC RPG. It has all the basic rules for characters levels 0-2, along with two adventures: The Portal Under the Stars and Gnole House.

0-level character creation is the same from the rulebook. Create two or more characters. Roll 3d6 for ability scores. Don’t get attached.

Character class descriptions are shortened for the sake of brevity; you can only put so much into 48 pages.  You’ll read The DCC RPG Rulebook contains more information throughout. Which is fine. I don’t see this a drawback.

From my experience, newbies have enough on their plate learning the basics, like the dice-chain, crit tables, and how Luck works.

They don’t need to know about the variances between clerics of different alignments, or exact examples how a Warrior Mighty Deed of Arms works, of have the entire table of Mercurial Magic for the Wizard. They don’t need to know all about the gods, goddesses, and supernatural patrons of the DCC RPG multiverse.

Why include the King of Elfland as a patron if there’s only a 10% chance on the 0-level occupation chart of rolling up an Elf? Or the entire mercurial magic table if nobody ends up running a wizard or elf.

All that stuff can come later.

The Portal Under the Stars is the classic 0-level funnel from the main rulebook (and is a lot of fun). Gnole House is a new adventure for 1st level characters, and looks like it will both horrify and entertain newbies.

In sum: The DCC Quick Start Rules set out what its supposed to do. It gives prospective players a taste of what DCC RPG is all about.

The hardcover DCC RPG Rulebook costs $39.99. The softcover $24.99.

The DCC RPG Quick Start Rules only costs $5.