I’d like to run another campaign. What makes me less enthusiastic about starting one is putting together a group. I don’t do online play and scheduling a physical game can be hectic in the Atlanta area. Yet that’s not by biggest fear.

I’m afraid, if I start a campaign, a problem player will come in and wreck it. In the past, I’ve been able to keep most of the game-wrecking hordes at bay. Gaming with friends and having clear expectations goes along way to solve this problem.

It’s that 5% who’ve slipped beneath my radar in the past who give me pause.

I’m an adult. The gamers whom I’ll likely attract are adults, and you’d think we’d all behave like adults, and yet tell that to the adult who caused a TPK in my last campaign with his brash impatience, then blamed me for making my encounters too hard, which in turn dissuaded the group from meeting again.

As of now, I’ve written 20,000 words to what might be a sandbox campaign for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Imagine a West Marches-style campaign crossed with the tone and style of DCC RPG!

Or those 20,000 words form the basis of a series of short stories and novellas.

Which would be a better use of my time?