I found this little gem at the Books-a-Million in Peachtree City, Georgia. It’s a coffee table book full of pictures of abandoned castles. I intend to use it for inspiration for writing stories or fodder for my next RPG campaign.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and instead of describing a crumbling ruin you can upon up the book and say: here’s what it looks like!

Some of castles include, in no particular order:

Dunluce Castle
Chateau de Saint Ulrich
Castle Stalker

There’s over 150 images featuring 100 different castle ruins from the early medieval period down to the early modern period.

My only grumble is the full spread pictures come out like this:


But what can you do? If don’t like the picture spliced in have by the spine crease, you might be able to find better pictures online.

Normally Abandoned Castles is priced around $30, but I got it for $15. So it was worth it.