What are they and why did I get them?

A friend gave these to me sometime around 2005, I think. They were piled together, primed brown, in a small cardboard box.

Here, take these, he said, as he rummaged around in his basement.

And so I took them.

I have no idea what company manufactured them. But they are definitely from the 1970s/early 80s.

They were my first attempt at painting cavalry. I learned cavalry can take awhile to paint as a practiced how to paint horses. I had planned on painting individual shield designs but instead rushed to finish them for a small wargame. The result: the colors on the shields aren’t to scheme. At the very least I needed a lighter shade of blue.

But they did see their time on the tabletop before I sold them.

Why did I sell them? 

If I’d redone the shields, they would have had a nice vintage look. But I didn’t fill like doing that.

They never quite looked right standing next to my other Hundred Years’ War figures, which were 28mm and had far more detail.

And so in early 2013, I sold them on Ebay for a little bit of money to somebody who’d enjoy them more than I.