I stumbled upon these pictures on an old flash drive. They were taken on June 8, 2011, and they remind me how much has changed in the last 7 years.

In the fall of  2010, my roommate moved out and instead of getting a new one, I transformed the extra bedroom into a long awaited game room of my own. My girlfriend bought two of those square tables as a present, I bought the other two. I’d already owned the fifth table to serve as a GM’s station. With all that, I was in business.

I finally had my own dedicated game room. It was space I didn’t have to share with anybody else, or a cramped kitchen table, or a conference room at the local university where I’d have to compete with other gamers, or the smelly local gaming store.

It was mine. And it was wonderful while it lasted.

When 5 or 6 players sat at the table, I was trapped behind the GM station, but it worked.
A view to the right: makes of the campaign setting and Thomas Cole’s Course of Empire for inspiration.
A look to the left. Not pictured: all the wargaming stuff in the closet, and the D&D books packed in that cabinet from Ikea.
The view from the DM’s station. Note the shelf in the hallway and the little shelf next to the doorway. MOAR gaming stuff!
D&D minis in the foreground, the D&D shelf in the background. Most of those miniatures are now gone.

Let’s see…

That’s two book shelves, a cabinet, and a closet dedicated to RPGs and wargames.

And this is after many items had already ended up on The Used Book Store Pile.

It took moving twice before I decided enough was enough and I downsized. Gone are the Planescape books, Warhammer was purged with a certain amount of glee, and only a fraction of the prepainted D&D Miniatures remain. You can read all about it in the Goodbye Stuff series.

Since 2011, I’ve downsized. A lot. And it feels great.

Now all my RPG books fit in that small Ikea cabinet. My RPG binders fill up only half of a bookshelf. My wargaming and miniature collection does not take up an entire closet.

It’s strange, though. Once I had my own game room, a place where everything could be organized, and I could run games in the privacy of my own home, I started to feel that gaming was less of a priority, and stuff had to go.