How to Quit the Gamer Lifestyle

(And have fun again…)

MOAR Options!!!

What is it?

MOAR Options!!! a phenomenon or idea ingrained within the tabletop gaming culture that assumes more rules, more rulebooks, more abilities, more character classes (more of everything, really). more choices, will enhance the game or make the game somehow better. Part of its player-driven. Gamers are always demanding more material, and game publishers are more than happy to provide.

Examples on the RPG-side of things include D&D 3.5ePathfinder, and GURPS. In wargaming, look no further than Warhammer.

MOAR Options!!! isn’t new. It began near the beginning of the hobby.

In the D&D Original Rules, players could only create a Fighting-Man, a Magic-User, and a cleric. Later supplements would introduce the Thief, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, and later, the Bard. More variety can enhance a player’s experience, as they get to play the kind of character they want.

At the business end of the hobby, publishers are more than happy to sell MOAR Options!!! to gamers.

I write it as MOAR Options!!! because its supposed to be exciting, new, and like a gamer in gaming store you’re supposed to buy it. Buy me! says MOAR Options!!! My additional rules, spells, skills, feats, races, abilities, options, variants, editions, and so on will usher in a new era for your games. 

Here’s the deal: I’ve been down that road, and I know better now.

MOAR Options!!! won’t make your game better. As a game master, it often means MOAR headaches as your players bombard you with MOAR rules which means you have MOAR stuff to track and tally; or MOAR distractions which might derail the game.

I wish RPG books beyond the core books would come with a disclaimer: Chances are, your Game Master will reject everything herein, but please buy this anyway. 

Before PDFs became popular, MOAR Options!!! would cause bookshelves to sag, gaming stores to carry 100s of d20 books which wouldn’t sell, and players and game masters agonizing over what to use next in their games.

I believe in limiting options, establishing parameters, focus. No Session Zero for character creation. No more believing just because a company publishes official material I should consider it for my games.

You only have so much time on this planet.

Which would you rather have:

MOAR Options!!! or more play?





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