The Art of Wargaming

The Art of Wargaming: Sun Tzu’s Teachings for the Modern Tabletop Wargaming is an ongoing series, published every Tuesday and Thursday. We discuss tactics, strategy, examine what it means to be a wargamer, and use examples from history and practical experience to help you become a better wargamer.

While you can easily find these posts under the category and search features, here they are below in their proper order.

Introducton/How to Defeat a Grand Master of Wargaming

The Four Basic Categories of Wargamer

The Bearded Bastard

Four More Categories of Wargamer

Chapter I: Laying Plans

  1. Wargaming: A Matter of Life and Death?
  2. Do You Know the 5 Factors of War(gaming)?
  3. Wise Wargamers Ask These 7 Questions
  4. 3 Ways to Escape from Wargaming Hell
  5. 5 Ways to Use Deception in Wargaming for Fun and Excitement
  6. 6 Ways a Player Can Exploit Your Emotions
  7. Wargaming: The Two Hobbies

Chapter II: Waging War

  1. 7 Reasons to Become (or Remain) a Tabletop Wargamer
  2. How to Get a Quick Start in Tabletop Wargaming
  3. The Tale of the Newbie Wargamer’s Folly
  4. How to Forage on Your Enemies (and Friends)
  5. Wargaming and Your Significant Other
  6. Do You Know Wargaming’s 7 Hidden Costs?
  7. That Which Does Not Kill Us

Chapter III: Attack By Stratagem

  1. Where Real Morale Failures Lie
  2. Sieges: A Rant
  3. How and Why Your Reputation as a Wargamer is Paramount for Victory (and Enjoyment)
  4. Do You Know How to Pick Your Battles?
  5. Know Thyself

Chapter IV: Tactical Dispositions

  1. How to Go Beyond the Possibility of Defeat
  2. How to Fight Like George Washington
  3. Why You Should Disdain Easy Victories
  4. Why Deployment is Half the Battle
  5. The Biggest Mistake You Can Commit in Wargaming
  6. Seven Diceless Strategies for Victory

Chapter V: Energy

  1. How to Pick and Build an Effective Army
  2. Do You Know the Weak Point of a Tank?
  3. How to Fight Like a Barbarian in Wargaming
  4. How to Cheat without Breaking the Rules
  5. How to Fight Like Edward: The Black Prince
  6. How to be Decisive like Mark Antony
  7. How The Bearded Bastard Crushed his Opponents
  8. Taoism and The Art of War
  9. How to Use Combined Arms Like Gustavus Adolphus

Chapter VI: Weak Points and Strong

  1. Get There First
  2. Cannon Fodder Joe
  3. Five Ways to Fight Like Napoleon
  4. Me and My Big Mouth
  5. How to Attack a Redoubt
  6. Divide and Conquer
  7. Playing to Win vs. Playing to Avoid Losing
  8. How to Fight Like General Robert E. Lee
  9. How The Bearded Bastard Crushed His Opponents, Part 2
  10. The Cycle of Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  11. The Hill: I Used to Think, Now I Think
  12. The Season of The Bearded Bastard

Chapter VII: Maneuvering

  1. Make the Commitment
  2. Wisdom Beyond the Rulebook
  3. Lessons from Peter the Hermit
  4. The Logistics of Tactics, and the Tactics of Logistics
  5. When Bad Players Happen to Good Wargames
  6. How The Bearded Bastard Crushed His Opponents [Part 3]
  7. Always Have Someone Watch Your Back
  8. How The Bearded Bastard Crushed His Opponents [Part 4]
  9. The Turning Point: Where The Bearded Bastard Went Wrong
  10. The More You Speak, The Less People Listen
  11. And Now For Something Completely Different: Blood Sugar
  12. Knowing When To Halt Your Attack

Chapter VIII: Variation in Tactics

  1. When do You Make Other Plans?
  2. Watching and Waiting, Part 1
  3. Watching and Waiting, Part 2
  4. The Sixth Dangerous Fault

Chapter IX: The Army on the March

  1. The Best Place to Run a Wargame
  2. Is There a River on The Tabletop? Ask these 7 Questions
  3. The Sinister Secrets of Saltmarshes
  4. Healthy Wargaming: Taking the High Ground
  5. Is the Battlefield an Obstacle Course?
  6. Is the Objective Really Bait?
  7. How to Spot an Ambush on the Tabletop
  8. The 15 Minute Break
  9. Wargamers Are Like Feudal Princes
  10. How to Protest a Rigged Scenario
  11. The Tale of Blowhard Von Blowhard
  12. Leadership 101

Chapter X: Terrain

  1. Mastering the Terrain at the Tabletop
  2. When the Art of Wargaming Makes the Game Boring?
  3. The Six Calamities of Blowhard Von Blowhard
  4. The Six Calamities of Blowhard Von Blowhard, Part 2
  5. The Jewel of the Kingdom
  6. Naming Your Armies and Commanders
  7. The Defeat of The Bearded Bastard

Chapter XI: The Nine Situations

  1. The Nine Situations
  2. The Nine Situations, Part 2
  3. The Nine Situations, Part 3
  4. How to Master a New Set of Rules
  5. Fight with the Sun at Your Back
  6. Fight Every Week
  7. Fight at Death’s Door
  8. Fight Without Fear
  9. Fight Like the Shuai-Jan
  10. Fight Like the Bearded Bastard
  11. Do You Suffer from New Army Syndrome (NAS)?
  12. Dealing With Non-Wargamers
  13. Dealing With Non-Wargamers, Part 2
  14. What was Your First Wargame?
  15. My First Game with The Bearded Bastard
  16. My Last Game with The Bearded Bastard
  17. Wargaming: Life. Death. And all that. 

Chapter XII: Attack By Fire, and Chapter XIII: The Use of Spies

Afterward: How to Be an Enlightened Wargamer

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