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The Used Book Store Pile

When I mention the used bookstore pile, I’m not endorsing any particular used book store, nor am I seeking any kind of endorsement. But I will be referring to the Used Bookstore Pile often, so I might as well explain a little bit about what it was.

In 2003 I dropped out of college. I returned in 2007. During those years my little efficiency apartment didn’t have regular access to the Internet. Selling stuff online, such as Ebay, was too inconvenient. So when I came hard up for cash, I put my books in box and hauled to a used book store.

This happened multiple times, but I consider it all one pile.

When I’m a seller, I’m certainly not a fan of Used Book Stores. I’ve had one-too-many painful memories as I sold my game books for a pittance.

I consider myself lucky, most of what I needed to sell happened before the economy started to tank in 2006-7. More gamers dumped their collections on the Used Book Store market. During the Great Recession, it became harder to get gas or grocery money for your used books. And I don’t think its changed since then.

As a buyer, especially of game books, I’m not a fan either–because I know somebody got low-balled, somebody who may have needed $40-50 to get through the week but ended up with $10. I also get angry when they charge near-mint prices for game books which are battered and worn, crushed boxed sets, adventure modules missing maps.

But hey, business is business. If I don’t want it, I don’t have to buy it.

In recent years, I’ve used online auctions like Ebay, but those have their drawbacks, too.

My advice: If you’re going to sell your collection, or parts of your collection, don’t wait until you’re in desperate financial straits to do so.

Not only will you be sad about being broke, but you will probably be sad for selling your books, too. And that’s depressing.

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